The Ex Files: Break Ups Vol. I


There are some really awesome people in this world who truly impact your lives positively, offering happiness and guidance in a great way.

And then,

there are some shitty ass people who do not deserve a second of your time or energy because they’re selfish twits.

Break ups are never easy, but sometimes, they’re just hot messes (mostly because you’re involved with a shitty ass person). With that, here are a few real break up stories that I’ve gathered via FB to hopefully brighten your day and let you know that no matter what kind of heartbreak you’ve experienced,

at least the guy you were dating wasn’t cheating on you with other guys.


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For the Fallen Palm Springs Police Officers

The sun shone in my eyes after noon last Saturday, and as any person in my generation does, I checked my texts.

I clicked into the article; it had only been started 23 minutes prior. There was a shooting in Palm Springs, and two officers had been killed, one injured. The Desert Regional Medical Center was on lock down. That’s all the information they had at the moment.

We hear about these incidents nationwide, seemingly more often than normal these days. We read articles; we watch videos; we become concerned, angry, frustrated, and confused. We do not reach a resolution, and as a result, we become desensitized.

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FUN Night Stands | Vol. II

Your 20’s, 30’s … 40’s? 50’s?! (I’m not judging) are for moments of laughter, love, and amazing stories that usually start with a swipe right and end with dignity left behind.

Last year, I conducted research for an article via Facebook status, but I ended up with an abundance of useless stories that made me chuckle and realize that my friends are crazy as hell. I think upon first meeting, most people think I’m a wild child and have interesting stories due to the fact that I used to school everyone on Tinder, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Luckily, I do know people who are wild and interesting, so please enjoy the second volume of FUN Night Stands, and if you haven’t read the first one,

are we even really friends?


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Cheat Codes (Of Conduct In A Relationship)

As I was scrolling through a million pics of KarJenner look-alikes on Tumblr one evening, I decided to sift through my drafts — these posts were most likely created at 3am on my bed in my college apartment, as I questioned my life, but most importantly, asked myself constantly, “Y DON’T BOYZ LYKE ME?”

Then, I found this:

“What are your feelings towards dating someone who has cheated on you in the past (not on you)? If you’ve cheated in a past relationship, is it your obligation to tell your new partner? What are your feelings towards dating someone new who knows that you’ve cheated in the past? What would you do or say (if anything) to your person about your past?

(don’t forget you have 2 people who answered this question in your inbox + potential blog post)”

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Nature vs. Keeping it in Your Pants

The radio stations in LA love to discuss relevant topics attributed to our lives as young 20 something year olds who are just trying to be Snapchat famous (follow me @ KIKIII). A topic they constantly converse over is cheating in a relationship, aka my


One day, they were discussing whose fault it was in the relationship if someone cheats. and one of the males on the station claimed that

it’s the woman’s fault in the relationship if he cheats. The woman should be keeping herself looking good for her man, so if she starts losing momentum (i.e. doesn’t go to the gym anymore, doesn’t put on make up, etc.), it’s in his nature to find someone else who will look good for him. 

And then I got into an accident.

Just kidding. But I was ready for this ‘radio personality’ to get his ca-rear ended immediately.

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Small Talk

Small Talk 002: Motivation

An entry in my journal on May 17th, 2016:

"I'll keep this as succinct as possible, but lately, I've been very unmotivated.

Tasks that I should be able to complete effortlessly are put off until 'tomorrow' — 'tomorrow' defined as a black hole in time I use as a definitive excuse.
Tasks that require a lot of effort are reacted to with a sigh, followed by a click onto Facebook as I refresh my feed in an attempt to refresh my mind.

Due dates are not as demanding to me as they once felt; my mind wanders off into daydreams about when I'm due for my next dinner date instead.

I haven't been succeeding,
I haven't been failing,
I haven't been trying.

It's unfortunate that I'm currently in this state of mind when I hadn't even planned to travel; if anything, I'd rather roam to an island of inspiration or even to a continent of confidence."



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Small Talk

Small Talk 001: “Did You Say Thank You?”

Have you ever been in a situation where someone asks if you've thanked someone else for something he or she did while the three of you are in the same vicinity? 
I don't understand why people do that because:

1. If I did thank him/her already, are you implying that you think I'm an ungrateful and impolite little mother fucker who doesn't know how to thank someone? 

2. If I didn't thank him because I am an ungrateful and impolite little mother fucker, are you really putting me on the spot in front of that person? 

2a. And if I thank the person now, upon your question, won't he/she think it is fake and forced because IT TOTALLY IS?!

In conclusion,

Thank you


Mum’s the Word.


I was sitting in the back of a classroom full of 10th graders, the majority of whom are taller than me. Strolling into class late with his Beats blaring, a fresh nose piercing, and jeans that could definitely win a SAG award for different reasons than Leonardo had, Nick took a seat with his other tablemates — two ridiculously shy female students who blushed even while having casual conversations amongst themselves.

Caught in a daze and doodling in my notebook, I thought back on the conversation I had with his teacher. A few days ago, Nick’s teacher informed me that he was identified as an emotionally disturbed child, and had an Individual Education Program. She said he didn’t really like to talk, nor did he care to do his work, and that this was his third high school he’s been in.

You’re a teacher, right?

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I Love You…r Face.

Growing up as a second generation Korean America, you don’t hear the words “I love you” very often. Yung Stina found herself very jealous of her white friends who got love from their parents just because they threw something away in the trash can; meanwhile, my sister and I washed dishes, took out the trash, got straight A’s, and cured cancer, receiving words along the lines of, “Do better.”

With that, saying “I love you” was not really in my vernacular, until I moved to white suburbia and you could love literally everything like I seriously can not even.

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Long story medium, I used to be involved with a guy who wound up having a girlfriend the entire time. What a plot twist, am I right?

Following the news, a lot of my anger and frustration were directed towards him, but at one point, I had to park the car and put it in reverse and reexamine the situation.

I was friends with his friends long before I met him — why didn’t they do anything to help fix this terrible situation? 

I took many normal things into consideration:

  • They were closer to him – both in friendship and in proximity.
  • They knew the girlfriend.

I knew these factors could be put into play, and I accepted it for what it was worth.

After months had passed, I ran into one of our mutual friends at one of those “electronic dance music gatherings.” As the music took over and I was hit with the feels, I beckoned for the friend and whispered into his ear aka I screamed over the bass and it was still 250% inaudible.

Hey, how come you never advised your boy not to be such a shady fucker? Didn’t you feel bad for me or for his girlfriend or even for his future karma points?! I was honestly kind of upset at you but I got over it and just became more curious as to why you didn’t try to help your friend do the right thing…

Even in my ecstatic state of mind, I was still able to think realistically, already expecting an answer centered around the normal things I had taken into consideration previously. However, he answered:

I can’t tell him what to do; he’s an adult and can make his own decisions. 

*Cue the tires screeching*

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