Over Thinking

Over Thinking 006: Asian Fetishes, Insecurities in Your Relationship, & Feeling Untalented AF.

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Sorry for the delay to all who submitted since like, May or something. Seriously, I was trying to produce content and then I started vlogging and didn't want to spam your feeds with so much content every week, sigh. Enough with the excuses, let's just get right into it!

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Friends in the Work Place — How to Put the “Work” in Co-WORKer

Working with friends sounds like a dream: you have someone to bitch about your boss with, you have the same schedules (meaning the same free time for happy hours), and — most importantly —

you have someone to sit with at lunch.

With the good times come the bad, of course, and you might find yourself in a situation where your friend isn't putting in the work, your friend is making you look bad by association, or your friend is making you be the bad guy. Here's a textual situation I received from someone who hired her friend at the company she works at:

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Over Thinking

Over Thinking 005: Emptiness and Comfort, Wanting More Friends, & Self-Reliance

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This month had a surprisingly interesting theme — surprising because so many of you had such diverse yet similar thoughts on the topic of friendship

Friendship is a concept that evolves in such a peculiar way:

When we're young, we're told to be nice and make friends; share with one another and be kind, regardless of how long you've known them.
When we're teenagers, friends can change based on factors ranging from family troubles to who stuffs their bra to who stole your crush.
When we're young adults, we realize that friends are important, but going on dates or finding "the one" is even more important.
When we're older, we don't know who to trust anymore, and we become skeptical of everything and everyone.

And when we're Lil Uzi, all our friends are dead.

Alright, I won't make you read any more than you should, because I answered all of these questions thoughtfully, and we all know that thoughtfully is synonymous to wordy AF.


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Over Thinking

Over Thinking 004: “He Sucks At Texting” Update, Following Girls on IG Because They’re Cute, & “Dream Girls”

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First off, sorry I've been so MIA — work stuff + Cough-chella took a toll on my soul, but I've come back to all of your delightful thoughts + confidings! I answered a handful of them in this post, and will finish the rest next time, so keep 'em coming!

For the next round of vulnerabilities,
I want you to explore your goals.
I want to know what you want in life.
I want to know what your biggest motivation is.
I want to know how you plan to get there.

Just some food for thought. Let's continue!

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Over Thinking

Over Thinking 003: Dating Older Guys, “He Sucks At Texting,” & Writing Careers

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You guys are really going in with these anonymous thoughts, questions, and concerns, and I'm so so so humbled each time I get a notification for a new contribution. Keep them coming, for I hope that the anonymous comment box can act as a wall thin wall between you and your problems; you're going to want to keep yourself guarded from these truths, but verbalizing your thoughts is one step closer towards tearing that wall down. I guess the only thing you have to focus on is if you're ready to do that.

Be like Joey in this pic; listen to the wall, understand that these problems might reflect who you are as a person, but remember that your reflection can open the door to change.

Wow that was deep AF.  

Oh also, if these questions are URGENT or TIME SENSITIVE, don't hesitate to mark them as such! These next few sound like they needed answers quickly, so I apologize 🙁

With that being said, lehhgo.

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After opening up my anonymous ask box last month, I noticed that I was getting quite a few submissions on my confidence, as well as requests for tips on being confident. At first, I responded to one in a light hearted but totally sincere manner:

Whoa, is this like inception because I screenshot my own post?

For the most part, this is exactly how I view my confidence, but lately, I've gone through a lot more slumps and low moments than I'd like, and the only thing that can pull me out of these rutts is 


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Small Talk

Small Talk 003: Chivalry’s Resurrection

A friend just got out of a relationship with a guy who wasn't really up to her caliber — he was tall and handsome, but also controlling and untrusting. After a year or so in love, they finally ended their relationship, and she's finally feeling happy and free and, most importantly, ready to date. A friend of a friend introduced her to a new guy, and on their first date, she mentioned that he

  1. was standing outside of his car, waiting for her to come out so he could open the car door for her,
  2. did not take out his phone once while they were out, and she legitimately has no idea what type of a phone he has because she never saw it,
  3. noticed that she was a bit cold and without a thought, took off his jacket and put it around her shoulders

As we're hearing this story and getting giddy in the lunch room, the mood shifts slightly, and we all wonder aloud:

Why is it that when a guy opens a door or gives us his undivided attention or puts a coat over us, we feel surprised/smitten? Why are these acts of decency seen as rarities

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No Stress Zone.

If you’re a millennial, you’ve most likely heard at least once in your life that you’re lazy, that you should be more productive, or that you should have been a doctor or lawyer — unless you already are… to which I say

my mom would be v proud of you.


For most of us though, we are looking to become a version of ourselves that we’re proud of.

We’re looking for our calling; we’re looking for that job that doesn’t feel like it’s a job; we’re looking for that rewarding career that makes our hearts (and our wallets) happy.

We are persistently in search of the right path towards happiness, towards fulfillment, towards an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, and with that search comes the notion that we are not working hard enough.

We stay late at work,
even though we’re not getting paid overtime.
We put 240% into any and everything we do
even though we’re not getting recognized.
We can’t do nothing on a Sunday afternoon,
even though we’re the only ones measuring the nothing-ness.

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Over Thinking

Over Thinking 001: Intro, Friends, & Riverside Fuccbois


Over Thinking.

For when you’re over-thinking a topic/situation/problem and you just become SO OVER thinking about it.

How do Over Thinking posts work?

At the top of the homepage of underqualifiedAF, you’ll see a string of words:

something on your mind?

Click through and you’ll find an anonymous ask box, where you can share a thought, tell me something good, or get something off your chest. I’ll answer these monthly, and some thoughts might turn into full posts themselves, so seriously,

get vulnerable.


Here we go!

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