No Stress Zone.

If you’re a millennial, you’ve most likely heard at least once in your life that you’re lazy, that you should be more productive, or that you should have been a doctor or lawyer — unless you already are… to which I say

my mom would be v proud of you.


For most of us though, we are looking to become a version of ourselves that we’re proud of.

We’re looking for our calling; we’re looking for that job that doesn’t feel like it’s a job; we’re looking for that rewarding career that makes our hearts (and our wallets) happy.

We are persistently in search of the right path towards happiness, towards fulfillment, towards an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, and with that search comes the notion that we are not working hard enough.

We stay late at work,
even though we’re not getting paid overtime.
We put 240% into any and everything we do
even though we’re not getting recognized.
We can’t do nothing on a Sunday afternoon,
even though we’re the only ones measuring the nothing-ness.

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