Cheat Codes (Of Conduct In A Relationship)

As I was scrolling through a million pics of KarJenner look-alikes on Tumblr one evening, I decided to sift through my drafts — these posts were most likely created at 3am on my bed in my college apartment, as I questioned my life, but most importantly, asked myself constantly, “Y DON’T BOYZ LYKE ME?”

Then, I found this:

“What are your feelings towards dating someone who has cheated on you in the past (not on you)? If you’ve cheated in a past relationship, is it your obligation to tell your new partner? What are your feelings towards dating someone new who knows that you’ve cheated in the past? What would you do or say (if anything) to your person about your past?

(don’t forget you have 2 people who answered this question in your inbox + potential blog post)”

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Nature vs. Keeping it in Your Pants

The radio stations in LA love to discuss relevant topics attributed to our lives as young 20 something year olds who are just trying to be Snapchat famous (follow me @ KIKIII). A topic they constantly converse over is cheating in a relationship, aka my


One day, they were discussing whose fault it was in the relationship if someone cheats. and one of the males on the station claimed that

it’s the woman’s fault in the relationship if he cheats. The woman should be keeping herself looking good for her man, so if she starts losing momentum (i.e. doesn’t go to the gym anymore, doesn’t put on make up, etc.), it’s in his nature to find someone else who will look good for him. 

And then I got into an accident.

Just kidding. But I was ready for this ‘radio personality’ to get his ca-rear ended immediately.

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Cheating Physically vs. Emotionally: Which is Worse? (Click through for a quick poll!)

I have a shared data plan with my mom and sister, and I commute to and from work in the mornings. Let me tell you, Soundcloud is NOT YOUR FRIEND if you have shared data, okay?

On my way to work one heavily trafficked morning, I’m listening to #IChooseCruz on Power106, and they’re talking about what is worse: cheating physically or cheating emotionally. Because it’s radio, there isn’t much time for explanation, but basically cheating physically would involve the physical act of… cheating, while cheating emotionally would be a little more open ended, but nevertheless involving anything ranging from seeking advice to confiding in someone who is not your significant other.

After that initial and brief explanation, what do you think is worse?

Thanks for participating — new vlog coming soon (yes, a #OnceInAWhileWednesday will be coming your way, most likely not on a Wednesday)!

If you feel strongly towards this question, please feel free to message me personally. Let’s talk about your feelings 🙂