Over Thinking

Over Thinking 006: Asian Fetishes, Insecurities in Your Relationship, & Feeling Untalented AF.

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Sorry for the delay to all who submitted since like, May or something. Seriously, I was trying to produce content and then I started vlogging and didn't want to spam your feeds with so much content every week, sigh. Enough with the excuses, let's just get right into it!

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Friends in the Work Place — How to Put the “Work” in Co-WORKer

Working with friends sounds like a dream: you have someone to bitch about your boss with, you have the same schedules (meaning the same free time for happy hours), and — most importantly —

you have someone to sit with at lunch.

With the good times come the bad, of course, and you might find yourself in a situation where your friend isn't putting in the work, your friend is making you look bad by association, or your friend is making you be the bad guy. Here's a textual situation I received from someone who hired her friend at the company she works at:

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Over Thinking

Over Thinking 005: Emptiness and Comfort, Wanting More Friends, & Self-Reliance

If you're still not familiar with the Over Thinking series, click here to familiarize yourself.

This month had a surprisingly interesting theme — surprising because so many of you had such diverse yet similar thoughts on the topic of friendship

Friendship is a concept that evolves in such a peculiar way:

When we're young, we're told to be nice and make friends; share with one another and be kind, regardless of how long you've known them.
When we're teenagers, friends can change based on factors ranging from family troubles to who stuffs their bra to who stole your crush.
When we're young adults, we realize that friends are important, but going on dates or finding "the one" is even more important.
When we're older, we don't know who to trust anymore, and we become skeptical of everything and everyone.

And when we're Lil Uzi, all our friends are dead.

Alright, I won't make you read any more than you should, because I answered all of these questions thoughtfully, and we all know that thoughtfully is synonymous to wordy AF.


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Long story medium, I used to be involved with a guy who wound up having a girlfriend the entire time. What a plot twist, am I right?

Following the news, a lot of my anger and frustration were directed towards him, but at one point, I had to park the car and put it in reverse and reexamine the situation.

I was friends with his friends long before I met him — why didn’t they do anything to help fix this terrible situation? 

I took many normal things into consideration:

  • They were closer to him – both in friendship and in proximity.
  • They knew the girlfriend.

I knew these factors could be put into play, and I accepted it for what it was worth.

After months had passed, I ran into one of our mutual friends at one of those “electronic dance music gatherings.” As the music took over and I was hit with the feels, I beckoned for the friend and whispered into his ear aka I screamed over the bass and it was still 250% inaudible.

Hey, how come you never advised your boy not to be such a shady fucker? Didn’t you feel bad for me or for his girlfriend or even for his future karma points?! I was honestly kind of upset at you but I got over it and just became more curious as to why you didn’t try to help your friend do the right thing…

Even in my ecstatic state of mind, I was still able to think realistically, already expecting an answer centered around the normal things I had taken into consideration previously. However, he answered:

I can’t tell him what to do; he’s an adult and can make his own decisions. 

*Cue the tires screeching*

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