Old & Older Friends

Do you feel it’s necessary to have friends who are a lot older and wiser than you? Just to have someone wise around and help you through life? Or do you feel it’s better to go through life experiencing things on your own and learning the hard way, along with the rest of your friends figuring life out (I’m just assuming your friends are relatively close to your age) 

anonymous submission on June 8, 2018 @ 10:10am PST.

It’s funny you should ask this question (well technically, you submitted this question on June 8, 2018, so oops?), but nevertheless, I just tweeted something fairly applicable last week:

I had dinner with an old friend of mine last week. Long story very short, like V short, we met at a club because he was a DJ and I was enticed in the #NiTeLyFe in college. We matched on Tinder months later and somehow became friends out of it (shout outs to all the Tinder homies I’m still friends with from 2013). As the years went on, his circle and mine started overlapping, and from then on, we’ve shared birthday/half birthday parties, he’s dated one of my best friends, and we’ve stayed platonically close. He’s dabbled in a plethora of different professions, and has ultimately found something that is incredibly synergistic with his passion, talents, and skillset — all while being incredibly lucrative.

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