5 Ways to Get Boys to Like You (With Foolproof Tips!)

Let’s face it; we’re all trying to find someone, and some of us may be searching harder than others. No matter how much effort you are or aren’t putting forth into finding Mr. Right, most of us see the end of our career paths / life journeys with a companion. We’re not sure what Mr. Right looks like, except for the fact that he’s tall and handsome with a great personality but also knows how to party sometimes and has his own Netflix account due to his high paying job that doesn’t take him away from his family.

But we’re not picky.

After years and years of extensive research, I have come up with a helpful guide for all the single ladies (and fellas, holler) out there in search for “The One.” My research includes, but is not limited to, judging people who are in relationships.

Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, these five strategies to acquire a man speak of nothing but the truth, so let’s begin.

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