Nature vs. Keeping it in Your Pants

The radio stations in LA love to discuss relevant topics attributed to our lives as young 20 something year olds who are just trying to be Snapchat famous (follow me @ KIKIII). A topic they constantly converse over is cheating in a relationship, aka my


One day, they were discussing whose fault it was in the relationship if someone cheats. and one of the males on the station claimed that

it’s the woman’s fault in the relationship if he cheats. The woman should be keeping herself looking good for her man, so if she starts losing momentum (i.e. doesn’t go to the gym anymore, doesn’t put on make up, etc.), it’s in his nature to find someone else who will look good for him. 

And then I got into an accident.

Just kidding. But I was ready for this ‘radio personality’ to get his ca-rear ended immediately.

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New Year Who Dis?

When we think of ✨🍾NYE🍾✨, we tend to get into these mindsets for some odd reason:

1. You have to find someone to fall in love with ASAP so you can share a maJiKaL KiSs~ with at midnight.
2. You have to give yourself the, “It’s just NYE, I’m happy being single. New year, new me!” pep talk.
3. You have to get so lit that you won’t recall what happened, aka you can kiss a rando or you can be passed out without a care in the world.

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To Cuff, or Not to Cuff – The Pros and Cons of Having a Holi-Bae

As the weather gets colder (or for us in California, finally goes below 85 degrees [no not the bakery]), we find ourselves wanting to Netflix and chill,

but like actually.

However, there’s something about our generation that loves romanticizing fall and winter.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, exhale.

Maybe you’re smelling your caramel brulee latte as the warmth of the paper cup lays smoothly against your hand, almost burning your fingers because you forgot to get a warming sleeve.

Or maybe you’re pulling your covers up close to your face as you beg yourself to sleep for 5 more minutes because your bed is warm and comfy and being an adult sucks.

Or maaaybe you’re scooching your booty on over to your (wo)man in the morning to be a super cute little spoon and— HEY WHATS UP HELLO THERE.

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To Josh.

The brown carpet of the leisure center is itchy, but we all sit on the floor, talking and giggling with each other as we wait for the studio to open so we could start our evening rehearsals for Nutcracker.

“Hey did you guys see Josh’s bulletin on MySpace? It was like ‘goodbye call 911 I’m going to do something dumb’ or something and he put his address. I can’t really remember but it was like weird kind of??”

The girls with internet on their flip phones pull them out and try to look. A few other friends had just texted us inquiring about Josh’s bulletin.

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Writing Prompt 3: Friend Seeking Real Life Advice Via FB Messenger

wait i have real life questions
i’m asking you as my advice columnist
which i think you would be really good at

whats the question 

do you think there is anything wrong with playing the field if you’re not exclusive?
is this part of our culture today? the reason why people can’t find true love because they’re always constantly searching
or does this mean i’m not interested enough in either?
or like

like tbh,

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How to Deal with Funemployment.

To all of you who graduated and have a secure job (with benefits!), congrats!

Bonus points to you if you graduated with a major that didn’t necessarily promise a steady income and have a secure job — who said the engineers and the premed students were the only ones with promising futures?

You worked hard during undergrad to turn that internship into your dream job, or you slept with the right person/people to get to where you’re at today. Either way, you all are truly the stars of our generation; you are the young adults that my mom would probably be proud of.

However, to those of us who weren’t so fortunate to land a job or even a paid internship remotely close to the career that we want to head towards:

life sucks, huh?

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New Year, Same Me Because Bitch I’m FAbuLouS~!


Happy 2015!

I’ve decided to try and blog regularly on here at least once a week! I’m getting spread a little thin these days writing for a shit ton of publications that don’t pay me at all, so why not contribute to my own blog that also doesn’t pay me (my boss is a bitch, ugh)(I’m referring to myself lol cause like it’s my blog lol get it)?

With that, I’ll start with a short post that will most likely turn into a rant.

Oh also, the music is just what I was listening to right now. Feel free to press play as you read through this. Or not. I’m not your mom. Or am I.

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