Small Talk

Small Talk 003: Chivalry’s Resurrection

A friend just got out of a relationship with a guy who wasn't really up to her caliber — he was tall and handsome, but also controlling and untrusting. After a year or so in love, they finally ended their relationship, and she's finally feeling happy and free and, most importantly, ready to date. A friend of a friend introduced her to a new guy, and on their first date, she mentioned that he

  1. was standing outside of his car, waiting for her to come out so he could open the car door for her,
  2. did not take out his phone once while they were out, and she legitimately has no idea what type of a phone he has because she never saw it,
  3. noticed that she was a bit cold and without a thought, took off his jacket and put it around her shoulders

As we're hearing this story and getting giddy in the lunch room, the mood shifts slightly, and we all wonder aloud:

Why is it that when a guy opens a door or gives us his undivided attention or puts a coat over us, we feel surprised/smitten? Why are these acts of decency seen as rarities

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Small Talk

Small Talk 002: Motivation

An entry in my journal on May 17th, 2016:

"I'll keep this as succinct as possible, but lately, I've been very unmotivated.

Tasks that I should be able to complete effortlessly are put off until 'tomorrow' — 'tomorrow' defined as a black hole in time I use as a definitive excuse.
Tasks that require a lot of effort are reacted to with a sigh, followed by a click onto Facebook as I refresh my feed in an attempt to refresh my mind.

Due dates are not as demanding to me as they once felt; my mind wanders off into daydreams about when I'm due for my next dinner date instead.

I haven't been succeeding,
I haven't been failing,
I haven't been trying.

It's unfortunate that I'm currently in this state of mind when I hadn't even planned to travel; if anything, I'd rather roam to an island of inspiration or even to a continent of confidence."



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Small Talk

Small Talk 001: “Did You Say Thank You?”

Have you ever been in a situation where someone asks if you've thanked someone else for something he or she did while the three of you are in the same vicinity? 
I don't understand why people do that because:

1. If I did thank him/her already, are you implying that you think I'm an ungrateful and impolite little mother fucker who doesn't know how to thank someone? 

2. If I didn't thank him because I am an ungrateful and impolite little mother fucker, are you really putting me on the spot in front of that person? 

2a. And if I thank the person now, upon your question, won't he/she think it is fake and forced because IT TOTALLY IS?!

In conclusion,

Thank you