Writing Prompt 3: Friend Seeking Real Life Advice Via FB Messenger

wait i have real life questions
i’m asking you as my advice columnist
which i think you would be really good at

whats the question 

do you think there is anything wrong with playing the field if you’re not exclusive?
is this part of our culture today? the reason why people can’t find true love because they’re always constantly searching
or does this mean i’m not interested enough in either?
or like

like tbh,

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Writing Prompt 2: Submission by Jasmine Lin

“Please write me a story about the French dude who dresses like he’s from a classic 80’s movie like the Breakfast Club, loves music (particularly the Drive soundtrack), and uses the French public bike system to get to the techno club every Friday to dance, or shall I say, kick-ball-change, alone. Except one Friday he sees me dancing alone at the techno club as well, and we kick-ball-change in unison…. Timeline can either span across the summer while I’m in Paris, or can cover our long distance relationship as well. Thnx bye.”

Sorry I write very stream-of-consciously and don’t plan out the stories. I just imagine it and write as I go, and after finishing and rereading the prompt, it might not have satisfied it exactly. Oops.

Let’s begin in medias res.

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Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt 1: Write about your first relationship in college.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m still friends with a lot of friends from college and I’ve grown up (maybe) since my 2nd year of college, so I’ve fabricated some events and catered them to sound more story-like than real to convey a fun read rather than to bash on anyone. I’m not even sharing this on any social media, so I doubt anyone will find it, but I’m providing this disclaimer just in case.

As Beyonce said in the bridge of Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor”:

You know I’m not gon’ diss you on the internet,
cause my mama taught me better than that.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

I’ve always had commitment issues. From changing my profile picture on MySpace to going from “liking” a boy to “like-liking” a boy, I was the girl who went to prom with her best guy friend because, like N’SYNC once sang, there were noOo strings attached.
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