New Year, Same Me Because Bitch I’m FAbuLouS~!


Happy 2015!

I’ve decided to try and blog regularly on here at least once a week! I’m getting spread a little thin these days writing for a shit ton of publications that don’t pay me at all, so why not contribute to my own blog that also doesn’t pay me (my boss is a bitch, ugh)(I’m referring to myself lol cause like it’s my blog lol get it)?

With that, I’ll start with a short post that will most likely turn into a rant.

Oh also, the music is just what I was listening to right now. Feel free to press play as you read through this. Or not. I’m not your mom. Or am I.

“NU YEAAARRR, NU MEHHHH!” the drunk bitches squeal after sloppily making out with randos / each other. Pause, as they take a moment to take a selfie for the Insta #NEWYEARNEWME #KILLINIT2015 and then take a seat on the couch because homegirls have had one too many virgin margaritas.

Unlock phone, check selfie if cute, cute enough, will post later at a great time to get the likes, open tumblr/pinterest/weheartit, looks for a wallpaper with keywords including but not limited to “new” and “year” and “me” and “improvement” and “will try not to get pregnant maybe”. Finally finds one, holds thumb onto screen, save, then sets it as home AND lock screen, replacing her “I’LL STOP WEARING BLACK WHEN THEY MAKE A DARKER COLOR” background with “2014 WAS JUST PRACTICE, 2015 IS THE REAL THING.”


Eye. Roll. Sorry not sorry that I’m a bitch about it. I got a little too snarky on that little image. Oops. Anyway, the point of this is that, well… why do I need a Thursday to be new and fresh and better and to improve and shit? Why can’t I just do that when I feel like it, sometime in February? Or sometime in July, when I have a quarter-life crisis and then realize that I need to find myself again and reconnect with those who have been important to me? Or sometime in October, when I find $100 on the floor and decide to give it to the homeless man around the corner rather than buying those shoes I have wanted?

Do we need the first Thursday of 2015 to tell us that it’s time to be better, to improve, to change, to become a good person? I don’t think so.

If YOU need January 1st to spark a light under your ass, spark away!

If YOU are just WAITING around for January 1st to spark a light under your ass, you are just lazy.


That’s just me though. I don’t understand why another Thursday has to dictate the initiation of a life change lol.

I understand if people want to use January 1st as a day to start fresh, have a new and clean slate, become a better person.

But at the same time, let life take it’s course. Make sure you’re consistently improving in life. Rather going from up, amazing, and inspired on January 1st, to being back to what you were last year by March, then remembering one random night in April about your resolution you made and trying again, and then becoming defeated by September, and then realizing by November that there’s only a month left until the new year so you’ll just start all over again…

Why not just promise to improve consistently each day?



In conclusion,

sTay fAbuLOuS biTchEZ~*

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