Writing Prompt 1: Write about your first relationship in college.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m still friends with a lot of friends from college and I’ve grown up (maybe) since my 2nd year of college, so I’ve fabricated some events and catered them to sound more story-like than real to convey a fun read rather than to bash on anyone. I’m not even sharing this on any social media, so I doubt anyone will find it, but I’m providing this disclaimer just in case.

As Beyonce said in the bridge of Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor”:

You know I’m not gon’ diss you on the internet,
cause my mama taught me better than that.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

I’ve always had commitment issues. From changing my profile picture on MySpace to going from “liking” a boy to “like-liking” a boy, I was the girl who went to prom with her best guy friend because, like N’SYNC once sang, there were noOo strings attached.


I never had a real boyfriend in high school. I had an on and off relationship with this guy throughout high school, who would do this really fun thing where he’d tell me he liked me and then ask another girl to be his girlfriend. He’d text me when they were fighting, seeking comfort, to which I would succumb to because I’m a weak piece of sh*t. This happened five or six times throughout high school, so naturally, that whole “being vulnerable” thing was not an activity I wished to engage in. 

In college, I decided that I would give the “relationship” concept a try because, honestly, I finally had the freedom to have a boy over in my room whenever I wanted (meaning whenever my two roommates were not in the room and we weren’t in class… so like between 4-5:30pm).

Ah, the exhilaration of college.

In my 2nd year, I had gotten over my, “WHY DON’T I HAVE A BOYFRIEND?!” phase and found inner peace being single, not needing to mingle. As soon as I told myself I was okay being alone, a suitor presented himself – I hate when people say a relationship will come once you stop looking, but of course, it happened. Damn it.

One of my good friends introduced me to her “little brother” figure at a club.

Our hips, like Shakira’s, only told truths; our shoes stuck onto the floors covered in spilled AMF’s; our fingers laced as if we’d known each other for more than 20 minutes.

Call me a romantic, sigh.

He courted me via Facebook, and we started messaging for a few days. I treated it incredibly platonically; I was still in the zen state of single and chillin’. One night around 4am, he came over on his break from work, and we shared our first kiss innocently on my bed.

From then on, we met in between classes, we studied together, we had dates at our dining halls – it was everything I ever dreamed of.

Summer came, and though we lived in different parts of California, we still texted every day. As school was starting up again, my roommates decided to throw an apartment-warming party. I didn’t invite him because I was feeling kind of ambivalent towards him and our relationship because of reasons, and I was really excellent at avoiding conflict. My roommate ran into him at Ralph’s and invited him to surprise me!

I hate surprises.

That night, we had a drunken fight, which led to tears and no texting for a few days. In those nights of solitude, I reflected on my actions and concluded that I would try to be a better girlfriend. He texted me asking to meet up on the first day of school, and I was prepared to tell him that I would try harder, for us.

“I think we can both agree that this is over.”

What…? Obviously I didn’t agree, but I was too shocked to fight. I looked at him as he looked down at his hands, and then noticed a brown mark on his neck. We hadn’t hooked up in a few weeks, and that sh*t looked fresh.

I inquire.


“I’m sorry.”

In tears, I storm off to my first class, which was not a huge lecture that I could hide in but instead, was an intimate class of 14.

That night, he texts me asking to meet up to “clarify things,” which I assumed meant explaining his little neck job…

But it didn’t. Instead, I was greeted with,

“So this is really over, right?”

“Are you going to explain to me what the hell is on your neck?”

“It’s actually a bruise.”

“Why did you let me leave yesterday thinking that you had cheated on me?”

“Well, I did… in the summer.”

From that day until the end of the school year, he wrote me love poems in illegible cursive, he bought me chocolates, he Built A Bear for me, and he wrote sad things on his Tumblr that he didn’t know I knew about.

I was Korea-bound for the summer, and he asked if we had a chance of getting back together. I truly contemplated it, but decided to stick by that, “Once a cheater, always a cheater” thing.

A few hours after our exchange, I get a text from my roommate saying that he and the good friend who set us up just hooked up.

In my apartment.

And neither of them told me until months later.

Via Facebook messenger.

They’re still dating.

In conclusion,

I really should have majored in science because my dating life was B.S.

7 responses to “Writing Prompt 1: Write about your first relationship in college.”

  1. Not to encourage any of the actions in your post but you’re really good at creating a story, I was imagining it happening as I read along. Your writings very witty which is amusing and fun hahaha but f*ck cheating ain’t nobody got time for that…should’ve spent that time enjoying pizza


    1. So I’m actually super awkward at receiving compliments in real life (long story) but I like… was really excited to read your comment on my writing, so thank you so much!

      Yeah, you should hear some of the other stories… I’ve not published them because I feel bad for the guys who hurt me but it’s been like 4 years so I think it’s time to start immortalizing their shitty actions via writing.

      And pizza really does solve everything.


      1. Yeah no problem! You definitely have an art for writing it’s really playful if that’s the word I’m looking for.

        It’s good to be awkward! Makes the situation not as serious, and it can either go 1 of 2 ways, usually more awkward in my case

        But yeah you should post more, I mean it’s not like you’re directly calling them out…embrace the polite asshole in you!

        I would ask you about your long story on your awkward compliment taking but that’s for another day…possibly in a blog? Hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

  2. sorry i just saw this o_o

    and i’m actually working on thinking of a pen name / branding my blog so that i can be completely anonymous, and then i can write everything… like everything haha. but i’m having trouble coming up with something i like sadly, sigh.

    but i WILL embrace the polite asshole in me, 🙂 haha

    hahaha oh yeah, another day, another blog, le sigh~


  3. WOW. I empathize with this so hard right now. It speaks to my deepest fears, not only of being cheated on but also of experiencing heartache and worrying that nobody else feels shitty over boys like I do. It’s irrational of course..most everybody goes through pain in relationships of any kind, but it’s just so nice to read about yours. Misery loves company I guess. I admire your writing and strength, the latter of which I can kinda sense through your writing and your mentioning of the zen stage your second year. I’m sure I’ll be going through some very similar experiences during my stay at UCLA. Thanks for writing this.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. PS there’s something kinda nice about knowing who you are. I mean I’ve been wondering how I can start up a blog like this without worrying about the footprint I’ll be leaving behind (“the internet is foreverr~~!”) but so far the only blogs I’ve found and enjoyed were first discovered through a post on facebook or somethin’. If I see the person’s profile or a photo of them, it humanizes them and makes me interested in what they have to say if they seem relatable to me. So I think you should put some thought into anonymity and..maybe let me know how that works out somehow because I’d really like to know what the secret balance is between privacy and connection to audiences as a writer/blogger. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. PPS
    omg when I got hit by that quotation “I’m sorry” I WAS LIKE OOOOOOH NO and felt my heart just crumple up lol. What I’m trying to say is the text formatting is really effective in getting the story across.

    Liked by 1 person

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