Writing Prompt 3: Friend Seeking Real Life Advice Via FB Messenger

wait i have real life questions
i’m asking you as my advice columnist
which i think you would be really good at

whats the question 

do you think there is anything wrong with playing the field if you’re not exclusive?
is this part of our culture today? the reason why people can’t find true love because they’re always constantly searching
or does this mean i’m not interested enough in either?
or like

like tbh,


i think it definitely has something to do with our generation. we love the temporary satisfactions, and we crave the permanence, but we don’t want to do the work. we see it happen to our friends and think it was so easy for them, and we want it to be easy for us. but i’ve discovered recently like… i think the reason why i personally find myself getting bored of someone or finding a flaw in someone that i could potentially start dating is because deep down, subconsciously, i think i want the next person to be my last. now that sounds kind of extreme, but i’ve kind of concluded that my subconscious doesn’t want me to waste time on someone who isn’t 100% perfect. but with that, it’s also like saying that i don’t want to put in the work either; i don’t want to give someone a chance and work at a relationship, i want it to just click. that goes back to our generation not wanting to put in work and constantly looking for the temporary satisfaction.

i think that it really depends on where you’re at in life and what you want. you have to sit down with yourself and think: ok, am i looking for the one right now? or am i looking to have fun, meet different people, and just get to know who i am through what i like/dislike in others?

both options are ok, but you have to commit to one or the other. i think.

oh my gosh
this speaks to my soul

if you find yourself saying that you’re looking for the one, you’re completely entitled to not wasting time and cutting it off and finding someone better. OR you’re entitled to say, “you know what, i’m going to work on it, because relationships are about cooperation.”

but you have to commit to whatever you’re feeling because if not, your feelings become something of a double standard, and though it may be easier on your end, in the bigger scope of things, it’s just not fair to the other party.


IN CONCLUSION, hell ya you’re allowed to date whoever you want, whenever you want, whatever you want (i don’t judge). but you have to commit with whatever lifestyle you’re choosing at that certain time in your life. commit fully and get full results; you can’t half ass this shit cause pero lyke it’s your life.


Agree? Disagree? Kind of want to leave anonymous hate in a comment? Go 4 it.

2 responses to “Writing Prompt 3: Friend Seeking Real Life Advice Via FB Messenger”

  1. Honestly Confused Avatar
    Honestly Confused

    Why does it seem like everyone is trying to find a significant other/boothang? Is single life really that unappealing?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Single life is really fun! But a lot of factors come into play — if you’ve been single for a while, you can get tired of it and crave for consistency. If you’re single and you keep dating assholes, your confidence levels can get fucked up. If you’re single and keep breaking everyone’s hearts, you then can introspectively question why it is you act the way you act.

      It’s circumstantial, but single life for the most part is fun!

      In the beginning.
      And if you’re good at it.

      Cause there are also people who want to be single and are down to mingle but they don’t get any. So that always sucks too. It’s like reading the instructions and setting up the board and distributing the money to play monopoly but no one wants to play with you. LOLOL.


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