“What’s the Difference Between Dating Someone & Being in a Relationship With Them?”

September 12th, 2015. 8:12PM. My best man friend texts me,

Whats the difference between dating someone and being in a relationship with them

in your opinion

Simply put, relationships are official.

There are a bunch of different ways to distinguish this type of ‘relationship’ jargon, the labels and the classifications that we’re obsessed with having, but for now, I feel like a main difference is that when you say you’re “just dating” someone, you still have a feeling of freedom. 

If you find yourself in a compromising situation:


Well, I do like her, but we aren’t official technically.


I have a girlfriend, no thanks.

There are totally other ways to differentiate it, like I said, but I feel like that’s a very important distinction.

Yeah I said it was different in that one comes with the bf/gf title, and promiscuity in one is considered cheating.

Truth! That is true. What’s going on. Tough times with ya girl?

She just told me she wants to be with me.

What’s stopping you? Are you not about that life right now.

We just had an awkward exchange via FaceTime.

Is it selfish of me to wait a bit and test the waters for a while?

I need to focus on being self sufficient.

Plus I just moved to a land of opportunity and distance blows.

Land of opportunity: job wise or woman wise?

If you see it as woman wise, you should cut ya girl off right now. That’s selfish and I dont even know her but no one deserves to be a Plan B.

Be mature and let her go. Don’t look around and then when you’re like done looking, come back to her and be like, “OK I’m ready.”

She isn’t a dog.

OMG don’t do that to a dog either 😦 so sad.

Lol that last message.

I’m not out here looking for girls. I just don’t want to rush into something at this point. I want to focus on my job and making money. The girl thing is very minimal; it’s more my time and effort towards her.

I’m at a weird stage in my life. We had a really good time this summer cause we were in the same area and our schedule were identical. And even up until now, I’ve moved out but I haven’t started work yet, so I have the time to talk and see her. But that’s bound to change when I’m working 50 hours a week and she’s 50+ miles away.

Yeah but I mean she’ll be occupied with life too, it’s not like she’s just going to be bored waiting around for you all day every day.

TBH it really matters on how you feel about her.

If you actually like her a lot and care about her, you’ll figure it out. It’ll naturally come together and compromise will happen.

Don’t end something because of what might or might not happen with your schedule. You can’t predict anything, and your pessimism disguised as realistic thoughts can hinder you.

But if you just like her like whatever and are like meh, then yeah, it probably won’t work out.

The effort won’t be there and it’ll feel like a chore and lead to its own demise.

That was so real and so wise.

Tbh I feel pretty free and light right now cause I just DROPPED SOME HEAVY KNOWLEDGE ON YOU SON.

…there she is.

In conclusion,

What are your thoughts, if any?

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