“Do You Have a Boyfriend?”

You see this:

and this:

and even a little of this:

when you’re on tumblr.

[thank you http://fckyeahcutecouples.tumblr.com/]

and you single folk wonder where your true loves may be, what’s wrong with you, why you’re single, why nobody loves you. like justin beiber, we all just need somebody to love, but in reality, we’re just picky as hell.

i’m the girl that always asks for a boyfriend, asks someone to find me a boyfriend, just wants a boyfriend in general, right? but lately, asking for a boyfriend has just turned into a string of words with no meaning; i say it, but i don’t really mean it. i came to this realization after a car ride with my friend.

do you actually want a boyfriend? like are you really ready for one single person to commit to? because just talking to a person doesn’t mean you’re ready for a relationship, i know you. so are you ready for just one guy?

honestly, this is what’s going on in my life.

i go to school with a full schedule, last quarter with 16 units consisting of class everyday, going to a school in ktown for 4 hours once a week, and having a 4 hour discussion every wednesday. during the breaks in the day between classes or after classes, i’m scheduled for work at the school of business. i have dance from 2 to 5 days a week, until the wee hours of the night. i stay on campus after class/work before dance in order to do homework, and finish the rest after practice.

that’s me, everyday. next quarter, i’ve got work, thinking about picking up another job, class everyday with 19 units, and dance competitions the first week back.

i just can’t handle a boyfriend these days, at least not one who needs me all the time. and yeah, i know that sounds horrible and detached as hell, but i can’t help it. i’m outgoing, crazy, loud, bubbly all the time, and that’s me 🙂 but when it comes to guys, i’m just so..

simple. and yeah, i completely criticize those dumb girls who call themselves ‘simple’ when in actuality they’re probably the most dramatic little monsters ever to walk the planet, but just trust me. i don’t have many wants, many needs.

i just desire someone who i don’t have to see all the time, and won’t be so bummed to not have my attention all the time. i can handle calling and texting everyday to check in, and when we haven’t seen each other for a while, it’s like freakin magic.

but gosh i can not handle those needy boys. those boys who constantly ‘babe’ me. you know what i mean.

baaabe i miss you

babe where are you

babe why havent you talked to me all day 😦

i miss you sooooo muuuuuuch babe please talk to me

babe, i just wanted to see you but wow cool thanks for not seeing me.

babe i just wanted to talk but wow i see you have other things to do that are more important than me

babe babe babe babe babe

it’s cute, i get it. but i can’t take the.. neediness.

and there are just some girls out there who need this, who can handle this, who want this! but i’m just not that kind of girl.

i know it sounds like i’m asking for a friends with benefits right? well i’m not. i don’t want that kind of lusty, physical relationship. i want a guy who i can just be friends with. and then some more, something more with meaning, you know?

so until i have found that patient man who doesn’t need to see me 25/7 but can have that chemistry all the damn time, and who can give me the attention i need when i need it, which is rare,

stop asking me if i have a boyfriend.

my rant is over.

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