So.. Is He Cute?

your friend is talking about someone you don’t know, let’s say a boy for the sake of this post.

admit it: within the first few questions about who he is, you cut to the chase and ask your friend

so.. is he cute?


the conversation can, and usually does, go one of three ways, with different deviations of course.


this usually means that he is so hot.

eh, he’s attractive, not my type though.

usually means that he’s attractive but there’s probably something about him that you don’t like, ie. has a girlfriend, is illiterate, is gay, has 12 children.

ermm, he’s really nice!

let’s face it. this means that he’s not that attractive, but he has a great personality. don’t sit back, read this, and then type feverishly in my ask box with a face a lovely shade of grey telling me that i’m wrong because we all say it. if the person is attractive, i don’t feel like i would hold out on the person asking; if the person is attractive, i’m pretty sure i’d advertise him as if i were his PR agent trying to book him in naughty magazine.

not to say that nice guys are bad, it’s just hilarious to me how we categorize people in these ways when we answer questions like these. nice guys finish first!

so next time you tell someone that ‘he’s nice,’ i hope you think about this. it’ll probably be tomorrow.

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