“I’m Mature”

To the girl three years older than you,

To the hot TA a quarter after you were in his class,

To your parents when they try to ground you at age 21,

We’ve all said these words with such conviction.


Now let’s take out that apostrophe and that space, and what do we have?



I think people tend to think they are mature, they are cooler than you, they are wiser than you could ever imagine. But it’s the pretentiousness and vanity within that very statement that takes away all credibility.

“I’m mature.”

Anyway, I tell myself that I would be the best girlfriend. And that I am looking for someone mature, someone who can provide some insight, someone who can spell things korrectly. But maybe I’m just not mature enough for a relationship. Maybe I’m actually too immature?

If that’s the case, I think I’m okay with it right now! Who needs to grow up?


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