New Year Who Dis?

When we think of ✨🍾NYE🍾✨, we tend to get into these mindsets for some odd reason:

1. You have to find someone to fall in love with ASAP so you can share a maJiKaL KiSs~ with at midnight.
2. You have to give yourself the, “It’s just NYE, I’m happy being single. New year, new me!” pep talk.
3. You have to get so lit that you won’t recall what happened, aka you can kiss a rando or you can be passed out without a care in the world.

Idk what it is about NYE but we romanticize the shit out of it for no seemingly good reason. Or maybe there are good reasons that I’ve yet to reveal in my 23 years of life. Either way, I thought it would be lovely to ask my friends and followers to see if they’ve had any memorable moments, good or bad, to ring in the new year:

“One time I was omw to a party with a bisexual guy friend of mine on NYE. There wasn’t like a good GPS at the time and so we kept getting lost until we finally missed the countdown, and we were still on the road. I parked the car in the middle of the street in aggravated defeat, and then the next thing I know, I see a pair of man lips coming at me and I didn’t know what to do nor wanted to offend so I was just sitting there paralyzed with shut lips while there was this sloppy man all over my mouth. I feel ya, ladies.”@jayhyvn

I was in an on/off relationship with my ex and he called me after his fancy NYE date with a random girl he met at a family Christmas party (that he swears he wasn’t related to lolz) and he told me all about it and how the man at the table next to him paid for their dinner.. And then wished me a happy new year. Ha.” – @ddbd0

“Pt. I

Went to a nye party in high school… The girl I was in love with for 2 years and my best friend spent the whole time talking to each other and on the drive home he told me how he had just asked her to be his girlfriend


Best friend who knew every detail about my relationship with the girl. And used to push me to tell him about it when I was too upset to talk about it.

Pt. II

Went to another NYE house party with my Abercrombie (lol) coworkers and I decided that’s when I would tell her how I feel… until I caught one of my other coworkers making out with her WAY before the balldrop. And I told her how I felt and she was like sorry. I think you’re hot. But sorry.



And then there was White Wonderland which I didn’t realize was like… a rave for couples. And my one friend I came with left me to find some guy he was trying to mack with… so I was rolling and smoking a joint by myself in the middle of a rave at the ball drop.

Dude NYE is bullshit.” – @jinkimming really kimming it with the NYE stories.

“I met someone for the first time on NYE and we just sat and talked all night. We really hit it off and I had a lot of fun getting to know her. Romantic? Painful? You decide.” – B.R.

“My boyfriend and I are both software developers. Our “least exciting” NYE was spent playing against each other on a computer game called “Civilization”. It’s cool – we still cheered at midnight with our champagne and a quick kiss before returning to our game so one of us could declare victory. Our most exciting NYE will probably be this upcoming one since we are spending it together in Costa Rica. We’ll probably leave the laptops back at the hotel though ;). NYE is just another evening, but it’s great knowing that I’m bringing in another year of happiness with such great friends and a great man in my life.” – K.R.

“i had this weird friend that made out with a bottle of captain morgan as the ball dropped. *shudders*” – Frankly, I don’t see the problem in this…

“I spent new years eve with my parents last year nothing crazy happened, slept around 1230am, may or may not have masturbated (can’t remember but probably did) but good times.” – #SANDALMAN

For me, let’s see.

One time, I was mildly inebriated at a party with all of my close friends from high school and a few of their friends from college. I was “talking” to a boy — I use that term loosely because this was the guy who fucked up giving me a “Been Trill” sweater for Christmas and I was basically checked out by then. However, he was at his hometown and I was drunk so when he called me at midnight to say some sappy romantic things that I would probably have loved to have heard coming from anyone other than him, I couldn’t even understand or retain a word remotely.

I was getting my purse to leave with a friend when this guy who I had just met at the party was walking with me. He wasn’t creepy, if that’s what you’re thinking, because people often leave out v important details in the stories to make themselves sound cooler than they are. He was a friend of a friends, and though I can’t remember the night very clearly, I’m sure we had been talking here and there throughout the night.

As I went into my friend’s bedroom to retrieve my belongings, he came in as well, closing the door and locking it behind him.

Again, this sounds like the beginning to a really bad night, but I promise it wasn’t.

I went to reach for the door and he kissed me *shocker* and I ran out the door.

Around 2 am that night, I’m in bed half asleep when I get a text from a foreign number. It was the guy from earlier, letting me know that he just had to tell his GIRLFRIEND that we kissed.


I tried to calm THIS STRANGER BASICALLY down and let him know that it really was nothing and that it wasn’t a big deal, but he insisted. I applaud his loyalty but it really was kind of pointless because it’s not like we even knew each other nor did we care to become anything.

Then, he tells me that his girlfriend is upset and wants to know who initiated it.

Well obviously homeboy did because he closed and locked the door…


Yeah, that’s my life.

Anyway, I was tired and didn’t care for either of them so I did it and went to sleep.

The phone rings and it’s him, telling me how much he doesn’t like his girlfriend. We’re on the phone for about 40 minutes.

Scratch that.

He talks for about 40 minutes while I put my phone on my pillow and fell asleep, sigh.

Oh, and then later that month, they broke up, so there’s that.

In conclusion, 

If you have any NYE stories, pls feel free to comment below!

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