Over Thinking 008: Post-Grad Crises, Career Choices, & My Soundcloud is FIRE

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Where in the world did February go? Or January, for that matter? 

I'm beginning to really identify with people who tell me that time really flies once you get into your mid-late 20s. Quarters/semesters in high school and college used to feel like they

d r a g g e d  o n  &  o n  &  o n . . .

and now, I can barely remember where the days/weeks/months have gone. Yikes.

In any case, that is no excuse for me leaving your questions + thoughts unanswered, so I will do my best to keep up a more regular schedule. I've noticed that a bunch of these questions are always centered around two things: 

confidence and careers

I've written a post on confidence (or rather, conning yourself into thinking you're confident), but maybe a career post (or video!) will be coming soon! In the meantime, let me answer some of your questions that have been collecting dust in my ask box! 

you should make a playlist! or soundcloud.. or link your soundcloud , idk you get the point LOL pls!

Hello! I do have a Soundcloud + I post playlists at the end of every month – if you follow me on all my other socials, you'll notice I don't really post my SC only because I don't want to saturate your feeds with even MORE about myself lol. Here it is:



How did you get your job in media in NY?! Did you have a connect? Internship ? Just randomly applied? Lol 
thats literally what i want To do 🙁 move to ny and get a job in media, either a magazine, an online news/media entity or something. 
Peace and love ! ✌

Idk how I got my job in media in NY!!!

…mainly because I don't have a job in media in NY, lol, although that sounds awesome.
LMK when you find out how I did it though~

Hi there,

I’ve been reading a few of the posts from your blog and love the content. I’ve been thinking of starting my own blog based on adulting and wanderlust, maybe even my own e-commerce store. It seems like you do multi-task a lot and are able to keep it all together. I was just hoping for some advice and input on how you do that, how you started, and how long it took you to be as successful as you are today. Yous an inspiration girl and I’d love to get on your level.

I was reading the first two sentences of your submission, thinking, "Wow, sounds like a lot of work," only to read the next sentence where you commend me for multi-tasking! Let me start out by letting you now that I don't own my own e-comm store, so that is a whole 'nother sport that requires a lot of time, effort, and skill (to be quite honest). Tons of people nowadays think that building an ecomm site is the way to go:

"I can just go to fashion district/buy something wholesale, get an IG model/photog to take pics of the items, and sell them on Big Cartel – noo0o0o problem!" 

If you can identify with that sentiment, you can probably understand that there is going to be an absolute problem if that mindset is your overall marketing strategy. Long answer short,

if you can provide the ecomm world with something interesting/unique/personal/one of a kind, GO FOR IT.
If not, you're basically a small fish in a small pond… with 20394802398 other small fish. 

My biggest piece of advice on both blogging + starting up would be this:

do something that you're passionate about, something that you like, and something that doesn't feel like work.

It's so trendy now to be a blogger, an influencer, a social media star, but don't do it for the likes — do it because you're good at it and because you love it. If you're passionate about adulting and being wanderlust, start that blog up and get that pen to paper (or rather, get those fingers to keyboard!). The best way to start a project is to

… actually start it,

so go for it :)! 

Hi Christina! So I am planning to go back to school for digital marketing after 5+ years of not being in school. I'm the queen of overthinking which now has me doubting my capability to succeed. My friend's have reassured me that this is fitting for me. My networking skills are pretty on point. I'm all for team work makes the dream work. There is just part of me that keeps doubting myself. What should I do?

I don't think there's a clear answer for me to give you in this; you've made a decision to go back to school after 5+ years of NOT being in school, and tbh, no one wants to go back to school unless they want to better themselves in a field, so it seems like you're answering your own question. Those feelings of doubt are normal; judging by the current climate of digital marketing today + how long you've been out of school for + your motivation and confidence changing over the years (there's something about being young and daring vs. being an adult and constantly questioning yourself, ugh), your emotions are valid! Whenever you doubt yourself, you can turn to your friends, and in this situation, it seems like they're backing you up 3000%, so what do you have to lose? You can do this! 

+ hello, networking is v important, and if your skills are on point, you've basically done all the hard work.

How young are you?

If you're asking, you're not old enough for me *imaginary hair flip*

Hey Christina! 

I wanted to ask you about post-grad life. I graduated this past May, and have been unemployed and it sucks. I'm not even gonna lie. IT sucks, and yeah it sucks. I think my problem is that I have no idea what I want to do. I graduated as a liberal arts major, with no idea what to do. And yeah, that's what it's been for a while. I thought maybe marketing or something along the lines of that would be interesting so I've been applying on LinkedIn for those jobs. and anything under the title as (something) assistant. But other than that I don't know if this is normal? Like I want to somehow be more efficient but I have no idea what to do. I know you were working at Love Culture for awhile. But how was it for you? Did you know what you wanted to do when you graduated? How did you get jobs or go about applying for things but more importantly, what was your experience like? Did you go through post-grad depression and everything too? Thanks. I know this might be asking for a little more vulnerability than usual on your part, but I just wanted to ask from a sista to anotha sista~ cause I know you've probably went through this stage in your life & wanted to know what it was like for you. Thanks Christina! & MERRY CHRISTMAS


I'm going to link you to my blog post that I wrote right after my post-grad confusion/mild depression, when I had finally just decided to turn my life around — ok, that might be a little dramatic because my life was never terrible. I do, however, understand how you feel during those months after graduation, when you aren't sure exactly what you want to do, nor do you know where you want to apply yourself. You then start to question wtf you were doing during undergrad, and how your friends got their shit together while you seemingly did not. It's all a fucking mess, and I understand it more than you'll ever imagine. Here is a quick excerpt including the tips that I elaborate more on within the post:

So, my funemployed post-grad, what am I trying to tell you?

You are truly the only person that can pick yourself up and start again when you’re feeling like you’re going to just be unemployed forever. Just in case you need some guidance on how to avoid falling into a slump, here are my personal tips that I’ve picked up along the way:

Don’t compare your successes (or lack thereof) with the successes of others.

We all move at our own pace — just make sure you’re moving. 

Send out your resumes constantly.

Keep busy while your life/future is under construction.

Regulate how much fun you can have.

Read the full post –> HERE + you got this, OK?! 

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