Over Thinking 001: Intro, Friends, & Riverside Fuccbois


Over Thinking.

For when you’re over-thinking a topic/situation/problem and you just become SO OVER thinking about it.

How do Over Thinking posts work?

At the top of the homepage of underqualifiedAF, you’ll see a string of words:

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get vulnerable.


Here we go!

I feel as though I have lost my friends. Or, I was never a big part of their lives to begin with. When I do get the rare chance to be with them, I am the outsider. I am just there observing how much fun they have. It is similar to watching their Instagram or Snapchat stories. I am always watching but will never be a part of their story. I have been taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications but they do not erase the feelings I get when I am home alone. I am no ones best or close friend.

First off, social media is seriously going to be the death of friendships; if you’re out, you make sure to show everyone how great of a time you’re having, and if you’re not out, then you’re feeling all the FOMO and it sucks. I digress. Anyway, growing up with your friends is different than growing out of your friends — have you shared these sentiments with them? It can be incredibly frustrating to feel isolated, but it’s probably even more frustrating if you’re fighting this battle alone. Talk to them and communicate your feelings, and if they’re your friends, they will be more than willing to turn this lost friendship into something newfound. And honestly, in contrast to Drake, I’m all about YES new friends, as well as being my OWN best friend; work on becoming the best version of yourself that you possibly can be, and that energy is going to attract some awesome people.


I have a 12 page essay on “To Kill a Mockingbird” due in 2 days. Any way you can help me out? LOL jk, you’re awesome. Just dropping by to show some love. heheheheh peace -your fave riverside pretty(not fucc)boi.

Aren’t all boys from Riverside fuccbois?


Last year was a crazy year for me. I went from always feeling undesirable to feeling wanted and after having felt so bad about myself for so long, i started holding on to that feeling and kept wanting more. Turns out, one of the guys ended up as a fuck buddy for a while (who took my virginity nonetheless) and the other two I’ve been with have completely let me down because both times I thought we could be more. This year I want to focus on loving myself instead of seeking it from temporary ppl

I actually remember reading this at like 11pm when you posted this on my tumblr and I actually let out a huge “YASSSSS” because you’re being incredibly cognizant of your decisions (both good and not so good in the past and present), and admitting your problem + finding a way to work on yourself is the strongest thing you can possibly do. Please remember what you said: this year, you’re going to focus on loving yourself instead of seeking it from temporary people. Tattoo that shit on your arm.


Girl I always wanted to be your friend in college but was way too intimidated. Lol. You’ve always seemed super hilarious and just way too cool for me. But I love your posts from afar

WELL NOW HOW WILL WE BE FRIENDS?! Thank you for your kind words and I hope we cross paths soon, and also I hope you don’t miss out on opportunities to meet people because you’re intimidated. What if the love of your life is just a few inches away, but you never speak a word to him/her because you’re too intimidated? That will not be a WIN(timidated) and you will definitely not score a (intimi)DATE(d). I tried.


i still miss my exboyfriend and i wish he were apart of my life. I always try to develop new relationships with other people and it doesn’t work out. I am honestly still hurt a year later and I feel so much regret in my heart.

First off, ask yourself what kind of regret you’re feeling. I don’t know why your relationship ended, but take a moment to reevaluate if it is the right decision, not if it was the right decision. Your ex is an ex for a reason, so ask yourself if you miss him as a human in your life, or if you miss the idea of him and everything that he represented as a placeholder in your life. And it’s okay to hurt a year later. Everyone heals at a different pace, so don’t rush it.

Stay tuned.

** Oh and if you previously submitted to my tumblr, I’ve transferred the questions onto here, so no worries! **

6 responses to “Over Thinking 001: Intro, Friends, & Riverside Fuccbois”

  1. i luv u so very much. how do u handle all this luv from jessie ma??? asking for a friend


    1. well, tbqh idk how to even handle all her luv, so i just put most of it in mason jars under my bed for later~~ xoxo, gossip girl.


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