Over Thinking 010: Roommate Habits, Dating a Coworker, & #shootyourshot2018

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We'll get through this together, I promise :')


I have a roommate who i’m good friends with. After living with her, I’ve realized she has habits that are not ok and that she is 100% unaware of (i.e. perpetually flaking, having 0 consideration of how her actions affect other ppl, etc.) she’s bad at handling any confrontation but as her friend, I just want to let her know bc I care. How do I tell her w/o ruining our friendship (esp since we r living together) or coming off as a huge bitch?


lol jk #dont. I've always heard that you don't truly know how someone is/how great your relationship is with a person unless you live together or travel together, so this comes as no surprise (sadly). Props to you for wanting to take action; I find that as we get older, it gets harder to actually put in the effort to helping a friend become a better person. We're constantly busy with ourselves, our lives, and our work, that we find it easier to let people learn their lessons themselves — AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT, NAHMEAN?!

However, I think you need to weigh the options; how will you approach her, how might she react, how can you help her implement new ways should she choose to understand and reflect this newfound knowledge that you're dropping on her? Honestly, it'll be really tough and it'd be 500% easier to just walk away and avoid the situation; she's a big girl, she can grow the fuck up on her own, right?!

But you sound like a nice person who's down to do some nice things. I would approach her in a positive but concerned way, and I would use any scenario that is currently happening in order to use it as an example + learning lesson. If she's flaking on someone else in front of you, take that moment to ask why she's flaking and how it might make the other person feel. If she's avoiding someone, ask her why she's avoiding them and suggest that being upfront would be a great alternative.

Baby steps.

Good luck + lmk how it goes!


Thoughts on dating a coworker/manager at work?? 

Totallllly depends on the company size + work culture. If you work at a corporate office with 500 people, you might be able to get away with it (but at what cost???). If you work at a retail store with 20 people and you're trying to date your manager but you know your coworkers are #drama, I'd probably fantasize about it but then I'd think


I thought this guy from my high school was cute. He’s 2 years older than me. I recently found him on IG and he’s doing such great things with his life and I still trying to shoot my shot. He’s up there in the industry and it’s hard to get his attention. But should I even try? #shootyourshot2018? Should I just let this dream go? Thoughts? 

what's the worse thing that can happen? he leaves your DM on read?

if that's the case, you'll survive – i promise.

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